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Yoga is changing my life.  And I believe it can change yours.  That’s why I became a yoga teacher, because I think yoga is an amazing path to transformation— of the body and thought patterns, both of those leading to spiritual well-being…

I’ve found that many people think you have to be skinny, in-shape, and ultra-flexible to do yoga.  That’s simply not true.  Yoga can help you feel better and become more fit, whatever body you come to yoga with.  I teach yoga for people without “perfect” bodies. My goal is to meet your body where it is and guide you through breathing and movements that work for you.

Class schedule and descriptions:

Yoga for Relaxation and Centering – Monday, 12-1 p.m., Indiana Chamber of Commerce in downtown Indianapolis

This gentle stress reduction class uses breathing techniques and gentle stretching to start your week off from a more grounded place.  This class is suitable for anyone, even if you’ve never been to a yoga class before.  You won’t have to go back to work all sweaty, but you will go back relaxed.

Sound + Movement + Meditation – Sunday, 7:30-8:45 a.m., Blooming Life Yoga Studio + School

This gentle class is for all skill levels. Mama Lisa’s life-enhancing, slow moving practice is for those who enjoy a relaxed pace or need to slow down, let go of tension, and dive within to find balance. Each unique class hosts an array of techniques to holistically integrate and align the body, mind, and spirit though purposeful movement, breath, and healing sound. Come with an open mind and allow deep integration of playfulness, mindfulness, and consciousness.

About Lisa DeWeese, RYT200

Lisa DeWeese

Lisa DeWeese earned her YTT200 certification in Peace through Yoga’s teacher training program. Her primary focus is making yoga accessible for people with all different bodies and skill levels. Lisa’s warm and engaging presence makes all her students feel confident and right at home.

“Yoga has made a huge difference in my life,” says Lisa, “physically, of course, but I have been especially surprised by the impact it has on my emotional and spiritual outlook. I want other people to experience this change in their lives. So many people feel a deep sense of shame about their bodies, because they don’t look like what someone else says is beautiful. But we are all beautiful and our bodies are so remarkable. I want to help people learn to love and appreciate the beauty each of us brings to the world.”


Spiral Saying - Lisa DeWeese

“Every day when you wake up you unwrap a present for the world.”